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Antlara Dental Clinic

A VIP, classy and elegant dental clinic in Antalya, Turkey.

Having a dental treatment will never be scary, discouraging or stressful anymore! We are aware of dental treatments techniques are all being developed and we are following all. Antlara Dental Clinic makes your visit a luxurious, comfortable and satisfied dental experience.

Popular Dental Treatments

15+ Years Experience

We, as Antlara Dental Clinic, have always been working with highly experienced dental professionals so that you would leave our clinic with a perfect smile and satisfied.

Punctual & Professional Service

Our clinic staff speak English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew and Turkish. We also offer translation services if you require anytime. No communication problem.

Highest Hygiene & Safety Standards

As a top class dental clinic, hygiene is a topmost concern, that is why a heightened emphasis is put on safe hygienic principles for the safety of all patients, doctors and staff.

A Smile Makeover & Holiday

Our state of the art, modern and hygienic EU standards clinic is located in the elite, exclusive quarter of the beautiful Mediterranean resort town of Antalya, Turkey.

Why AntlaraDental?

AntlaraDental Dentists & Staff

Meet the AntlaraDental Team!

Meet with our physicians, all of whom are experts in their fields, who have spent years in the field of dental treatment, who have performed many successful procedures, and who are still following the latest developments, as well as our friendly and devoted assistants and team.

Dental Implant

Artificial tooth root, which is placed in the jawbone in the form of a screw, in order to complete the missing teeth.

- Dental Implant

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is completed in 1 visit without any drilling, injection...

- Composite Bonding

Smile Freely

Enjoy your new smile by improving the aesthetics and strength of your teeth!

- Smile Freely

We also invite you to Antlara Dental health treatment we invite you to find out...


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